10. Asking for Referrals

Here’s a confession. Referrals are the best way to generate leads for your law practice. Referrals are as close to free as you can get and they come with an endorsement (trust and respect) from the person making the referral. But before you toss this paper into the garbage, consider that most people can’t build a law practice on referrals alone (or any other single strategy). Did your grandmother ever tell you that a pie is just a pile of flour if you take away the other ingredients? Together, all of these strategies create a synergistic system that will boost your practice to new heights.

ask for legal referrals

OK, back to referrals. The best way to generate leads through referrals is simply to provide excellent customer service! Exceed average. Perform beyond expectations. Work hard, be aggressive and care for your clients. They will appreciate you and brag about you and fill your office with referrals.

Something that’s not done nearly enough (which makes absolutely no sense since it’s pretty obvious) is asking for referrals. This is not rude, or a sign of weakness and it’s not nearly as embarrassing as a guy asking for directions. Your law practice is your business—your livelihood. People should know you’re available to take new clients, and that you appreciate referrals. With the exception of certain practice areas, asking for referrals is simply a matter of phrasing. For instance, if you ask “Do you have any friends or family who are in need of my legal services?” the answer will almost always be no. Why? Because facing a legal situation is not typically a daily experience for citizens. Instead, try this on for size: “Who do you know who needs a good family law attorney?” By rephrasing the question from a yes/no to an open-ended question, you’re simply encouraging your client to think before responding. And if you still don’t want to ask, at least let your clients and prospects know that you sincerely appreciate it referrals and hope that you can help their family and friends if the need arises. If you’ve treated them right, they’ll gladly return the favor.

Now What?

Now it’s your turn. You have plenty to think about and plenty to do. If you want something more than you have right now, put this paper down and take action. A great place to start is at AttorneyBoost.com. You can register for free and we’ll show you what we have to offer. While you’re implementing other strategies, why not let us provide you with prospects now! We love to make it rain!