8. Follow Up with Your Prospects

Until they pull out their wallet (literally or figuratively) they’re still a prospect. They aren’t sure yet whether they want you to help or the lawyer-down-the-street. This is where the follow-up process comes into play.

follow up with legal leads

Daytime phone, nighttime phone, business phone, cell phone. When you’re first reaching out to a prospect, he or she might not answer any of them up. That doesn’t mean that you’ve lost. Maybe your lead is enjoying a meal, or tending to a crisis, or taking a really heavy nap. Some people don’t answer calls they don’t recognize until someone leaves a voice message. You’re not a pushy telemarketer. You have a service to provide that your prospect needs, and your job is to let him or her know that.

Even after you’ve made first-contact, don’t stop there. Some prospects are too busy taking care of life to call back lawyers they’ve already talked to. One of the best closing strategies you can use is to make the buying decision easy for the prospect. If you’re calling back and others aren’t, you’re more likely to close the deal.