7. Leads from Local Advertising Efforts

how to handle fresh legal leads

With your local advertising efforts, it’s equally important to stay on top of this pool of prospects. Here, however, you may have multiple strategies that require individual monitoring to gauge effectiveness. Approach this like a project manager: contact the prospects, compartmentalize the source of the prospects, compare the pros and cons of your specific marketing channels, and draw conclusions to assess your return on investment.

  • Contact: Regardless of the source of the prospect, there is almost never a good reason to sit back and wait. Reach out sooner than later.
  • Compartmentalize: Segregate your marketing strategies into two categories: push marketing (yellow pages, billboards, television ads, radio spots, etc.) and pull marketing (local online presence, social media, blogging, SEO, etc.). As you gain leads from these outlets, note the individual strategy you’re using. Did he see your billboard? Did she find your blog online through a Google search? Ask every single prospect how they found you and record the results.
  • Compare: Are the yellow pages working for you, but only if you blow a stack of money on a full-page spread? Perhaps your SEO isn’t optimized in the right direction, or you’ve noticed a troubling trend with your television ads. Make lists or spreadsheets to record everything you do for each marketing strategy. Research third-party data and statistics to see how your marketing efforts compare.
  • Conclude: With all of the information you’ve recorded, think about the bottom line. Which marketing channels should you give more time, effort and money? Which ones are draining your bank account without giving back? What are you doing right or wrong and how can you improve? You don’t have to get everything perfect all at once. This is difficult stuff, especially as you balance it with your real job of being a lawyer. At the end of the day, are you making money? Is the return worth the investment?