Law Firm Marketing

The legal profession is becoming more crowded every year. Some people actually blame law schools for the current state of the legal profession, since they increased admissions just as the bubble was about to burst. But “why” doesn’t really matter when you’re trying to grow your practice. “How” is what matters most.

Unless you’re a small-town general practitioner, gone are the days when everyone knows you and people come to you for legal help because you’re one of the only lawyers in town. There’s a lot more competition for prospective clients. How do you reach prospects? More specifically, how do you reach prospects in a cost effective way that results in actual paying clients?

While there is competition all around, there are also a lot of people looking for legal help. According to a recent study from LexisNexis, 110 million people in the US have sought legal counsel at least once in their lifetime, and 58 million people in the US sought out legal services in the last year! But here’s the most telling statistic: 76% searched for their lawyer online!

Now consider this: most experts believe search using mobile devices will surpass desktop next year!

That means two things for you. First, make sure your online presence is mobile-optimized. And second, make sure your marketing partners are in mobile (because if they’re not, they will be missing more and more of the prospect pool).

Attorney Boost’s mobile marketing is the most direct route from prospect to client. That’s because CallBoost gives prospects the easiest way to connect with an attorney using our “click to call” service. And those calls don’t go through a middleman. They go straight to your office, with a unique caller-ID number so you know it’s a CallBoost prospect. You do what you already know how to do. Answer the call, ask a couple prescreening questions, and if it looks like a promising prospect, try and set an appointment. As with all marketing efforts, you won’t close 100%. But our clients all agree, direct-connect calls with CallBoost outperform “leads” by leaps and bounds!