Attorney Advertising – Methods to Find New Clients for Attorneys

Perhaps you are new to attorney advertising, or you would like to update or organize your strategies. Here are three simple categories to help you compartmentalize your various attorney advertising strategies based on the immediacy of results you are likely to see: the quick response, the trickle effect, and the long term.

  • The Quick Response: Paid search and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads can appear in search engine results, on various websites, next to email threads and across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These types of advertisements give prospects an opportunity to take action now while the need is there. While PPC ads can be costly, the ROI might justify the expense if you are targeting the right audience. But make sure you have a strong conversion strategy; otherwise you might get a lot of interest but few clients. Another quick response strategy is purchase leads (prospective client information). With Attorney Boost, you have the option of allowing us to do your attorney advertising and simply pass on the results. When you purchase legal leads from a reputable company, you’re getting prospective client information in real-time from prospects who are looking for legal help.
  • The Trickle Effect: If you are using a more traditional method of attorney advertising like television ads, billboards, yellow pages, radio spots, the back of grocery receipts or other such strategies, you are counting on top of mind awareness and luck with timing. Think about the business model of these strategies: your services are directly available and visible to the local market, but the potential clients are not yet in need of your services. It’s not a bad thing to embed your services in their minds, but it’s a lot of money to spend on efforts that won’t instantly generate clients and profit. Also, these methods require maintenance. Month after month, year after year, these channels need to be refreshed so they are not ignored or overlooked. If you do it consistently and through the right channels, you might see a positive ROI after enough time has passed.
  • The Long-Term: No matter what marketing efforts you chose, always include a balance of short term and long term strategies. Marketing is everything you do that affects how people see you. Long term strategies might not pay off right away, but they don’t cost much and they generate high quality prospects (after enough time has passed). Build your reputation and credibility both in person, online and through word-of-mouth marketing. These methods can work in many ways over time. Keep in mind that almost any person you come in contact with might eventually be a prospective client. Maybe not today or next month or even next year. Even if they do not become a prospective client, every person you come in contact with can be a great referral source. So manage your reputation and credibility to see long-term results with an impressive ROI. There is no downside to attorney advertising that is designed to build your credibility and enhance your reputation.