Attorney Web Marketing Secret Techniques

There may be some “secret” attorney web marketing techniques out there, but we don’t want to overstate things. Truth be told, there are plenty of attorney web marketing techniques that are simple overlooked or underused. Let’s explore some of these techniques that can help give a boost to your attorney web marketing:

  • Question and Answer Forums: There are a number of third-party websites that allow consumers to ask questions and attorneys to answer them. It’s never a bad thing to rank well on another site, especially if they’re already optimized well in other areas. Also knowing what questions are being asked by consumers can give you valuable insight into hot legal issues and trends. You might actually get some prospective clients out of answering some questions, but be careful not to fall into a time-trap where your investment far outweighs any return. Being the first attorney to post an answer to a question is a good strategy. You might want to avoid answering questions that are days old or have already been answered by other attorneys.
  • Webinars: Hosting a webinar pertaining to your practice area can give you great exposure. If your topic is relevant and interesting, and it’s presented in a professional and engaging manner, people will appreciate the opportunity to learn from you. It also gives you a human dimension that prospective clients won’t get from reading a website biography or online profile. Think about how you react to starts you see on TV or in movies. You feel like you know them and trust them. You can generate that same personal connection through webinars. It also will help you build your reputation and credibility, not to mention SEO derives huge benefits from video content. Good videos can help your attorney web marketing hit the top of the charts.
  • Meetups: Meetups are a great way to network with other attorneys, professionals in surrounding fields, or even groups that would include your potential clients. It’s a fresh change from the virtual communities that are on the rise (ironically these are usually best organized and promoted online). Check out or do an internet search for “how to do a tweetup”. Just remember, it’s not always about getting yourself in front of a prospective client…sometimes it’s about getting in front of people who will refer their friends and family to you. Short term results are great but don’t forget about the value of quality relationships in the long run.
  • Toastmasters: Toastmasters is a global network focused on communication and leadership development, and it’s a fantastic way to discover self-improvement and do quality networking at the same time. Not only can you improve your public speaking skills (no matter your current level), but you will likely be practicing (and hopefully impressing) future clients.
  • Pro Bono Opportunities: Think of this as “karmic marketing”. Give and you shall receive. Take National Law Day, for instance. If you provide basic legal services to small businesses at no charge, such as an IP review or a business checkup, you can retain them as clients and generate referrals. As BNI founder, Dr. Ivan Misner said (he even trademarked the phrase): “Givers Gain.”
  • Networking Groups: Speaking of Dr. Misner and BNI, consider joining your local chamber of commerce, BNI or other networking groups. While it’s not a direct attorney web marketing strategy, being part of these groups might give you great information to share on your website, in blogs or across social media channels. And chances are high that you’ll find prospective clients or great referral sources through relationships you develop face to face.

There are many more attorney web marketing techniques beyond those mentioned above. As long as you observe ethics rules, it will benefit you to be on the cutting edge of marketing. Try new ideas to see where your marketing niche lies.