DUI Marketing and Advertising Methods that Work

When tackling a niche area of law, the first way to approach the marketing side is to stop thinking like a lawyer. Step into the prospective client’s shoes. What event leads up to the initial contact between you and the prospective client? In a DUI case, an arrest usually gets the ball rolling. After an arrest, what does your prospective client do…where does he or she go? Answer this question, and you know exactly where to focus your DUI marketing and DUI advertising strategies.

Even before a DUI arrest occurs, however, the best DUI marketing attorney is already doing some DUI advertising to cement himself or herself in the prospective client’s subconscious mind. If you see a DUI attorney’s stern face on a billboard, a law firm’s logo in a yellow pages advertisement, a memorable slogan in a TV ad, or a vanity number on the back of a bus, those might get “stuck” in a prospect’s subconscious mind. The more creative, clever and memorable it is, the more likely it will stick even if you don’t think you’ll ever need a DUI attorney. Even some annoying or embarrassing DUI advertisements get results because they are memorable.

Back to the beginning: Where does he or she go after a DUI arrest (or after any event that leads to the need for an attorney)? Well over half of Americans searching for a lawyer use various internet tools to start their search or research options. While yellow pages, billboard ads, television commercials, radio spots and other methods of DUI advertising may still be useful to get into your prospect’s subconscious mind, these methods are becoming less relevant as our society continues to become a digital society. Boosting your local online presence will yield great results in the long run.

Embed yourself in your prospective client’s subconscious mind, but make sure you have a strong presence where your clients will go after the event that creates the need for legal counsel. Today, that means a strong online presence or a working relationship with companies who have that online presence and can funnel prospects to you (that’s what we do at Attorney Boost).