How It Works

You have enough to worry about managing your practice and taking care of clients. We can lighten the load on the marketing side by delivering calls directly to you without having to wait weeks, months or even years for your marketing strategies to work. Tell us what kind of prospects you want, where you want them and in which practice areas and we’ll launch a marketing campaign designed to bring prospects to you sooner rather than later.

Here’s how it works:

The marketing team at has a decade of successful internet marketing technology and consumer habits. More and more people are using internet to search for an attorney. And a lot of those people are turning to their mobile devices and tablets. In fact, industry experts believe that mobile search will outpace desktop search within the next couple years.

That's why CallBoost's focus is on internet and mobile advertising. We're not generating leads (at least not the kind you might be used to). We encourage prospects to "Call Now" to talk to a local, licensed attorney. We can route that call directly to you, and you won't pay a penny during the first 60 seconds of the call. Don't miss out on the best way to grow your practice! If you don't take the call, a competitor will!

Our consumer-oriented websites contain all necessary disclosures for attorney advertising. See our FAQs and Disclosures for more information.