Latino Lawyer Marketing

The Latino consumer market is expanding rapidly in the U.S. Between the incredible spike in buying power and the ever-increasing population, this is a market that cannot be ignored. Consider the effectiveness of your Latino lawyer marketing strategy.

Tackling a new market might require some shifts in your marketing strategies. There are technical aspects involved including communication, family values, sensitivity to the clients’ needs and more. Here are some factors to consider when considering Latino lawyer marketing:

  • Communication: If you are already fluent in Spanish, then you’re ahead of the game. If not, then take your time to learn. The better you communicate in your prospects native language, the more credibility you establish. But you don’t need perfection. Prospects will respect your efforts and appreciate your devotion even if Spanish clearly isn’t your first language.
  • Family Values: The Latino community can be very family-oriented, which may require a different approach in your Latino lawyer marketing and your client-interaction. Some clients might want you to share certain information with family members. Take the time to explain privacy and confidentially concerns with your client so they know you hear and understand their wants and needs.
  • Your Clients’ Needs: No matter the legal issue, make sure you understand what prospects expect from you as their future attorney. If you meet their expectations, these satisfied clients may very well become your best Latino lawyer marketing strategy.
  • Community Needs: The Latino community is more likely to embrace you if you are part of that community. If you’re just there to fish from their pond and make a few bucks, you won’t have the same level of success. Speak their language. Offer a website in Spanish. Participate in community events. Do business with Latino shop owners, restaurants and service providers.