Law Firm Internet Marketing – Web Marketing for Law Firm Website

Law firm internet marketing is all about utilizing the many amazing optimization tools that the web has to offer. If you’re new to the process of integrating online elements into your overall marketing strategy, then this brief list will give you some things to consider. These are some best practices for you to implement into your law firm web marketing strategies:

  • Hello, My Name is [insert web address]: Look at your email signature, your business card, your billboard, your yellow page and television ads… even those spoken radio spots. Is your web address included? If not, it’s time to perform an overhaul. Adding a simple and memorable URL to your other marketing strategies will result in more website traffic.
  • The Vanity URL: A vanity URL is a simple way for your site’s address to make a meaningful impression on potential clients. What prospect will remember “” in a time of legal peril? Opt for something that will make their eyeballs bleed less. Popular names like “” (but not that one, since it’s already taken) are easy to remember and just make sense. Be creative and search for names that will stick in the prospects mind. Vanity URLs are increasingly more relevant to successful internet marketing law firms.
  • Link Building: Google has changed its ranking algorithms making link building a more substantive concern. In simple terms, link building is the method in which your site’s URL is linked from different places on the web. Why is it important? First, more people will be exposed to your site. And send, Google respects your site more if other reputable and relevant sites reference you. It’s no longer about “link farms” or junk content. Make it meaningful and Google will reward you with better organic results. Read more about link building in Chapter Seven of Sarah Bird’s SEOMoz “Beginner’s Guide to SEO”.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO content writing helps your site rank high in search engines like Google through optimized and well-written content. SEO does wonders for online presence, but it’s pretty difficult to get the hang of it. For a little more information regarding SEO best practices, refer to Attorney Boost’s whitepaper “Law Firm Marketing 101”. Don’t try to game the system with irrelevant content. Give readers something of value and the search engines will give you more credit.
  • Link Sharing: While promoting your ranks via SEO and link building are crucial, link sharing can also be very beneficial to your firm internet law marketing strategy. When your link is shared on a high-ranking website, your site receives credit for keywords. This can be done through posting on blogs or forums, external hosting on a blog or another page, link exchange with a similar site, and writing articles for other sites that relate to your subject content.
  • Affiliates: This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay to have your ad somewhere; in this regard, you can barter with another company. For example, you might know an office supply company who is willing to promote your services in exchange for promoting their products. Be careful, as you don’t want to cheapen your internet marketing law firm by pushing irrelevant products or services on your prospects and clients.