Law Firm Marketing Associations

There aren’t a lot of formal marketing associations specifically for solo, small and mid-firm lawyers. If you ‘re looking for others interested in legal marketing, you might check you these groups. Note that some of the LinkedIn groups are “closed” which means you need to request admission to the group. Open LinkedIn groups may be worth searching out, but open groups tend to be more about self-promotion and less about substance:

The American Bar Association has groups that are dedicated to marketing in which like-minded individuals hold forums for discussion, while most state bars have groups or divisions that address marketing issues. There are law firm marketing associations that aren’t lawyer-specific, which are great for larger firms with marketing departments and bigger budgets. They will greatly benefit from discussions on high-level marketing ventures, vendors, and larger marketing strategies. Of course, smaller firms might want to convert the larger strategies into something more appropriate.

These resources are great hubs of law firm marketing information, often where other lawyers and law firm marketing gurus converge to share ideas or engage in spirited debate. Seasoned attorneys in small or solo law firms are happy to share their experience in an unofficial law firm marketing association, along with relevant current events and methods to tracking the process. Through these law firm marketing associations, you’ll learn more about yourself as a lawyer, the state of marketing for law firms, and how you can implement successful practices into your own marketing technique.