Law Firm Marketing Consultants, Expert Marketers

Successful lawyers are busy practicing law and do not have time to become experts on law firm marketing, let alone spend their time creating ad copy, monitoring advertising strategies and making ongoing adjustments throughout the life of various campaign. Many lawyers look to law firm marketing consultations and expert marketers for help. Relying on the strengths of others is a good idea. But caveat emptor. There are more than a handful of self-anointed gurus and so-called “expert marketers” competing for a piece of your law firm marketing budget.

Know What You Are Buying

There are several different marketing strategies attorneys can use. What works best for you will depend on your target audience, your practice areas, your uniqueness, your experience, your support staff, your location and much more. Will you be using “traditional media” (newspapers, television, radio, billboards, etc.)? Will you focus on networking and relationship building? Will you do an aggressive PR push with workshops, speaking gigs and other activities to reel in the clients? Will you go high tech and market online? Or will it be a combination of different strategies?

Whatever you choose, make sure the law firm marketing consultants and expert marketers you hire can provide you with at least the following information:

  1. Exactly what are you “buying”? When you’re buying something invisible, you not only need to clearly define performance expectations, but you need to trust the service provider.
  2. What kind of reporting will they provide to show their work?
  3. How will the law firm marketing consultants and expert marketers’ success (or failure) be measured?
  4. How long will success take (or how soon will you know it’s not going to work)?
  5. If you are not satisfied with service or results, is there an “easy out”?

Expert Marketers Selling Search Engine Results

Search engine optimization may be an important piece of the marketing puzzle…or maybe not. If your law firm marketing consultant or expert marketers are trying to sell you search engine ranking services without first understanding your target audience and your business development objectives, that’s a bad sign. Some companies will even “guarantee” first page search results on various search engines. When presented with a “first page search results guarantee”, make sure the guarantee is in writing, specifies the search term or query that will trigger the guarantee and includes a deadline. Search results guarantees are where you will get a lot of sales-talk and mysterious promises from less credible law firm marketing consultants or expert marketers. The good guys will explain the pros and cons of search engine ranking without trying to sell the service to you first.


Marketing is a process that requires constant monitoring and adjustment to be most effective. It takes time and money for most marketing strategies to get traction and even then, what works today may not work tomorrow. But what if you need immediate results?

Not to fear, there are some services that are willing to shoulder the expense and risk of marketing in order to sell you the end result (the end result being prospective clients who want or need your service). (this author’s employer) and a couple other credible companies offer attorneys a pay-per-lead service. This is a great way to get immediate results while your other marketing efforts germinate. Buying leads may be a relatively new concept for many lawyers, but other industries have used pay-per-lead strategies for many years with great success.

Bottom Line

Start at the beginning. Understand what you want to accomplish, who you want to bring in as prospective clients, how fast you need results and the volume you want (and can handle). With that information, you can assess whether to approach marketing as a DIY project, whether to use law firm marketing consultants or expert marketers or whether to buy leads and leave the messy, expensive, time consuming marketing challenges to someone else.