Law Firm Marketing History

You probably know the name Atticus Finch. He was the upstanding lawyer from Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Mr. Finch’s fictional life took place during in the 1930s when communities were small and intimate and everyone knew each other. In the 1930’s, you were probably on a first name basis with the pharmacist. You could ask the butcher (by name, of course) for a fresh cut of meat. The milkman might have left glass bottles of fresh milk on your porch. And if you were the local attorney, people knew they could come to you for help with their legal problems. Atticus Finch may have been prohibited from formally marketing his law firm in the 1930s, but chances are he never needed to. Like the theme song from Cheers says, lawyers used to live in a time and place "Where Everybody Knows Your Name."

Today we live in a hustle and bustle world full of 24-hour Super WalMarts, chain store pharmacies and prepackaged meat. Giant ads paint the sides of buildings enticing us to buy the latest clothes or become an athlete by drinking their beverage. Billboards line the sides of highways promoting movies, all-night diners and family-friendly hotels. Television, radio, newspapers and magazines all push products and services to make us more hip, more efficient, more popular and more connected.

Because we are a progressive society that has embraced technology, the easy sense of community that existed nearly a century ago is long gone. We don’t have to visit the local bar for gossip because we have Facebook. We don’t need to borrow the newspaper from the neighbor because our smartphones deliver our news. We don’t even have to talk to our coworkers, thanks to instant messaging and email. And in most cases, the "local lawyer" where everybody knows your name no longer exists. Paradoxically, there are more lawyers now than ever before yet the average consumer still struggles to find a good lawyer.

Marketing the law firm used to be as simple as having the firm’s name painting in gold leaf on the office door. Nowadays lawyers who want a steady flow of new clients need to keep up with changing times. Marketing for law firms has become a necessity. Law firm marketing is required to be noticed in a crowded and competitive industry. But not all law firm marketing strategies are created equal. With the rapid growth of the internet and even faster adoption of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, selecting the right marketing strategies for law firms is of critical importance.

Visit for law firm marketing tips that can help you develop effective marketing ideas for law firms and solo practitioners. Marketing strategies for law firms run the gamut from traditional advertising to the new era of legal lead generation on a pay-per-lead basis. Marketing your law firm effectively involves more than an attractive advertisement, a "double-truck" in the yellow pages or a top ranking on a search engine. The most effective law firm marketing is that which reaches the right target audience with a message that resonates and a call to action that encourages a response.