Law Office Marketing

As the office manager or service provider of a law firm, you are not responsible for converting leads into clients or acting as a sales representative. That’s usually the lawyer’s job. Your tasks include a wide array of responsibilities that precede the lawyer’s responsibility to close a new client. Much of what you do includes generating leads in the first place. How is this done? Through extensive legal advertisement, networking and other strategies that fit within an overall marketing campaign. Law office marketing is necessary for lawyers to grow their practices and increase profits.

When considering the different methods of law office marketing, it’s important to focus on the big picture. What is the end goal for the lawyer? What’s his or her target for return on investment, and when should this be accomplished? The various strategies and pieces of the plan, such as legal marketing consultation, search engine optimization (SEO), coaching, local online presence, traditional marketing methods, etc., all play into the larger effort to achieve what the lawyer ultimately wants to accomplish.

Law office marketing can be expensive if it’s not done with foresight and planning. Make sure you’re carefully evaluating costs, effectiveness and resilience of your marketing ideas. Small and large law firms alike will have to experiment through trial and error to find the best approach. If marketing were foolproof, we would be living in a different world. So don’t be afraid to try different methods, then tracking each method’s results to see what works and what doesn’t. It sounds simple: get rid of what doesn’t work and do more of what does work. But the only way you know that is if you’re accurately tracking your various marketing efforts.

If you can afford to hire a law office marketing consultant, he or she might already understand what has worked in the past for similar clients and how to implement these strategies for you. When you hire a law office marketing consultant, you’re hiring someone to bypass much of the trial-and-error phase. You expect your law office marketing expert to generate revenue which far exceeds the consulting fee paid for his or her services. Even with an expert on board, you should always keep accurate records to assess what is working and when trends suggest the need for change.