Attorney Boost’s Management Team

Jason Romrell. Proud Papa. Practicing Lawyer. CEO. Motorcyclist.
Jason graduated from law school when a gallon of gas averaged $1.15. Titanic was tearing up the box office. And that thing called “Google” was founded. He spent several years as a partner in a general practice law firm where he handled most of the firm’s marketing and was fortunate enough to handle a wide variety of unique and exciting cases from criminal defense to family law, and from complex business transactions to traumatic personal injury and wrongful death. He later went in-house where he could mix is passion for business with his love of lawyering. He was an early adopter of social media (at least early for a lawyer), and has spent the last several years enjoying the challenges and the joys of managing and advising successful internet-centric companies. He continues to represent and advise clients on business law and growth.

Max Holovchenko. (bio coming soon)

Frank Kasimov. (bio coming soon)

Michael Parshin. (bio coming soon)

Juan Cortez. National Accounts Manager.