Why Choose Attorney Boost?

Consumers are online searching for attorneys every day, and more and more are using their smart phones or tablets instead of their desktop computer. You want to reach these prospects, but online ads can be very expensive and SEO strategies can take months or years before you see consistent results (not to mention SEO is full of scam artists taking your money and delivery nothing).

Working with Attorney Boost to grow your practice means you don't have to worry about managing PPC or CPM campaigns or paying for clicks that don't yield results.

Paid ads on Google and other search engines are great ways to producing immediate results, but competition for popular legal keywords drives up the price. That's bad news when you're paying for “clicks” because every click counts, even if it's a mistake or from a competitor.

Attorney Boost’s most effective product, CallBoost, operates on a pay-per-call basis where you only pay for calls connected to you (and then, only after the first 60 seconds). Try that with your current lead provider, or your newspaper, TV or yellow pages representative! Even most website design, hosting and SEO service providers charge a fixed or minimum fee regardless of the number of prospects generated!

With CallBoost, you get a 100% contact rate while paying only for calls exceeding 60 seconds. With CallBoost, you also save time and money by reducing time spent chasing bogus or uninterested leads, wrong numbers and voicemails. Bill more hours. Do more Iawyering. Spend more time with family and friends.

We are here for you. Once you complete the free registration process, our marketing consultants will verify your account. Then, if we're not already actively seeking local prospects in your practice area and territory, we will launch marketing campaigns to start generating calls.

It’s easy to get started. Register today using the above form or call us at (888) 224-9449 for more information.